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Google Page Experience Coming Soon To Mobile And Desktop | May 2021 W3

By winwei on May 21, 2021

Ding Dong, it’s Friday again (Hooray!), and here are some well-received SEO news you should know about:

  • Google Page Experience Coming Soon To Mobile And Desktop
  • Doors to Google Developers Library is Open For All
  • Google’s Multitask Unified Model (MUM) Is Arriving
  • Grow Your Google Knowledge In Interactive Google I/O Adventure

19/5/2021 – Google Page Experience Coming Soon To Mobile And Desktop

If you have been keeping up with Google news on Twitter, you would have probably known that Google Page Experience is finally going to launch with mobile in mid-June. 

In the same thread, he responded to a question about its arrival for the desktop version’s, “We’re actively working on those right now and we’ll share a lot more details, including timing, soon.”

A recent Twitter poll by Marie Haynes has revealed about 60% of enthusiastic SEOs have already improved their core web vital scores, eagerly waiting for the rollout in mid-June.

For more information about Google Page Experience, head towards YouTube to watch and learn from Jeffrey Jose’s recent Google I/O presentation.

20/5/2021 – Doors to Google Developers Library is Open For All

What a pleasant surprise for developers and learners – Google Developers Library is now open for everyone!

Everyone is welcome to learn from one another in Dev Library, a hub for developers who have built through Google technologies.

Here, you can share open-source examples, provide feedback and connect with the community.

Developers can learn more about Google Products such as Machine Learning, Angular, Firebase, Google Cloud and more.

If you want to stay up to date with the devs, don’t forget to subscribe to their newsletter. Who knows? You might come across some unexpected surprises in the newsletter.

18/5/2021 – Google’s Multitask Unified Model (MUM) Is Arriving 

Google MUM Multitask Unified Model

Google announced the introduction of its yet-to-live new technology, MUM – short for Multitask Unified Model.

Google said similar to BERT, MUM is built on a Transformer architecture, but it is one thousand times more powerful. 

MUM understands and can also generate languages. 

MUM is trained across 75 different languages and many different tasks at the same time to develop a more comprehensive understanding of information and knowledge of the world than previous models.

Multimodal MUM understands text and image information and it is expected to expand its modality for video, audio, and more. 

Right now, we know that MUM has the ability to break down language barriers, allowing the transferring of knowledge across languages; understand the different types of information, and will be applying advanced AI to Google Search.

Hopefully, this powerful tool will come around soon so I can use it to learn what are expected when I travel to different countries. 

20/5/2021 – Grow Your Google Knowledge In Interactive Google I/O Adventure

On 20 May, Google Developers on Twitter has announced the release of I/O Adventure.

It is a 2D platform for developers to join together and explore the virtual world. To join I/O Adventure, you need to sign in and create an avatar first before embarking on your rewarding journey.

You can learn from one another, unlock product demos, initiate casual conversation or in-depth discussion with other attendees and Googlers, collect items and easter eggs, play mini-game to unlock achievements, grow your own digital garden, and more.

Who knows it is getting more adventurous here in Google digitally? What a world we are living in.

That’s all for the week, folks. See you again next Friday. 

Cheers to the weekends!

Updated: 13 September 2021

Win Wei

About Win Wei

When life is bitter, drink black coffee indoor and grab yourself some self-help books while listening to cafe lofi. Win Wei is just another being that enjoys life and the wonders of digital marketing. Oh, I do love myself some swimming, too.

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