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Google Ads Is Deprecating Broad Match Modifier Keywords In Late July | July W1 2021

Image Source: SERoundtable Firstly, I’m terribly sorry about not publishing our weekly SEO news on time. I’ve been too caught up preparing for Fourth of July weekend. That said, this marks the end of the first half of the year and we’re now in the second half. Jeez, time really flies huh? Well, let’s get […]

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More Field Data In PageSpeed Insight Now Than Ever | June 2021 W4

News flash – it’s Friday again! This week, let’s learn about: More Field Data In PageSpeed Insight Now Than EverGoogle third-party cookies blocking has been delayed to 2023 24/6/2021 – More Field Data In PageSpeed Insight Now Than Ever Source Following the latest update, Google announced that PageSpeed Insights will now publish all available field data […]

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Google Launches Search Console Insight After A Year Of Beta Testing | June 2021 W3

Looks like Google has been busy recently. And that’s good for us as that means there’s more news to share with you guys! Without further ado, let’s get down to this week’s news updates. Google tests new delivery icon in local pack resultsGoogle Maps display average ratings in pins for restaurant search resultsGoogle launches Search […]

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iContact Officially Announced Its Acquisition Of Moz Inc. | June 2021 W2

Hellooo SEO geeks! We are back to Friday and it’s time again for our weekly SEO news updates. Here’s a short sketch of what’s going on in the SEO sphere: iContact officially announced its acquisition of Moz Inc. Google drops auction from search choice after pressure from EU.Google My Business (GMB) discard “short names” feature.Reminder […]

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Google June 2021 Core Update Is Live | June 2021 W1

June’s here and summer is coming! With the world slowly reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic, let’s find out what went down in the SEO world for this week. Google adds a feature to hide phone number in Google My BusinessGoogle will prefetch websites built using signed exchangesGoogle Search tests “Learn More” instead of “People Also […]

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Rich Result Type Retirement From Google Search Console Performance | May 2021 W4

You might not hear it, but I am letting out a happy squeak because it’s Friday again! Let’s wrap it up with a few SEO update of the week: Rich Result Type Retirement From Google Search Console PerformanceGoogle Suggests Spam Prevention Intervention 26/5/2021 – Rich Result Type Retirement From Google Search Console Performance As we move […]

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Google Page Experience Coming Soon To Mobile And Desktop | May 2021 W3

Ding Dong, it’s Friday again (Hooray!), and here are some well-received SEO news you should know about: Google Page Experience Coming Soon To Mobile And DesktopDoors to Google Developers Library is Open For AllGoogle’s Multitask Unified Model (MUM) Is ArrivingGrow Your Google Knowledge In Interactive Google I/O Adventure 19/5/2021 – Google Page Experience Coming Soon To […]

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Google Showing People Also Ask (PAA) Results More Often | May 2021 W2

Hey there… how have you been? Hope all is well with you. Here goes the latest update on SEO news.  Google Showing “People Also Ask” Results More OftenGoogle Uses Machine Learning In Google SearchGoogle Do Not Use The Trust Project Directly For Search Rankings Let’s explore.. 11/5/2021 – Google Showing “People Also Ask” Results More Often […]

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John Mueller’s Advice On Optimizing Images While Not Hurting Image Search Rankings |May 2021 W1

Hello people! Wow it’s already May. Time has been passing fast this year. In the blink of an eye, it’ll probably be Christmas soon. But let’s get back to the SEO news. Here’s what went down this week. John Mueller’s advice on optimizing images while not hurting image search rankingsGoogle adds links to featured snippets […]

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Microsoft Ads and Google Ads Quarter 2021 Financial Results | April 2021 W5

I am feeling light on my feet because Friday is here! Here is some food for your SEO-craving big brain: Microsoft Ads and Google Ads Quarter 2021 Financial ResultsMicrosoft Advertising Birthed a Series of New UpdatesGoogle Ads API Version 7.0 Up and RunningGoogle Search Console Recently Added Regex SupportGoogle Search Central Announced New Feature in […]

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